Fred Meister operated his custom cabinetry shop in Jupiter for 35 years, specializing in ship interiors for ocean going yachts.
While constantly working on new and complex orders on the boats, Fred used his “free” time to extend his pool playing hobby into a cue-making sideline business.
His first orders were from local players who wanted a cue that looked as good and played as well as those Fred was making for himself.
In just a few years the new cue orders were taking considerable time to fill; working 4 or 5 evenings every week was common. 
In 2005 Fred retired from his marine cabinetry business and is devoting his shop and shop time to making his cues and related products, that are renowned for their silky smooth play and their beautiful exotic wood combinations and patterns.
As Fred says,   My cues enhance your game, no matter your intermediate-to-professional level of play.  My sticks look great and don’t require a bank withdrawal to get one, but most
importantly, they make your game better!”
There are plenty of satisfied customers in the pool rooms in and around Jupiter, ready to show off their smooth-playing Meister cues and tell you a couple of Fred stories.
Master Woodworker Fred Meister